Sections: Algebra (Fall 2023 MAT-0093-2)

MAT-Mathematics 0093-2 Algebra
An algebra course for students with some high school algebra background to develop additional algebraic skills required for higher level mathematics courses. Topics include: exponents and polynomials, factoring and solving equations, rational expressions and equations, systems of linear equations, and radical expressions including the quadratic formula. This remedial course is not open to students in the post-secondary enrollment options program

Section Name: MAT-0093-2
Departments: Mathematics
Prerequisites: Must have a grade of C- or better in MAT-0083, or an ACT Mathematics sub-score of 17 or 18, or an SAT Mathematics sub-score of 480-520, or an ALEKS score of 46 or higher.
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type: Traditional, Developmental
Credits: 3
Books: To Be Determined