Sections: Science and the Modern Mind (Fall 2023 SCI-3012-1)

SCI-Science 3012-1 Science and the Modern Mind
This course explores science from philosophical, historical and cultural perspectives, examining both the robust character of scientific inquiry and its limitations. The harmony between science and Christianity is addressed along with ethical and social dilemmas that have resulted from scientific advances in certain areas. Special emphasis is given to the observations and experiments that resulted in major shifts in scientific paradigms.

Section Name: SCI-3012-1
Departments: Interdisciplinary (Nat & Soc)
Prerequisites: Take HIS-1013 and either BIB-1014, BIB-1023 or both BIB-1003 and BIB-1013).
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type: Traditional, General Education, Gen Ed Common Core
Credits: 2
Books: To Be Determined