Sections: CC: Guyana (Spring 2024 ITD-1009-5)

ITD-Interdisciplinary Studies 1009-5 CC: Guyana
This course explores basic knowledge and best practices for working among and within other cultural groups through participation in a cross-cultural trip experience. This course is required as a co-requisite with any a qualified Spring Break or summer crossing cultures trip which is sponsored and led by Mount Vernon Nazarene University. It meets the Explorations in Crossing Cultures Option (Avenue 1B) in the University Core when linked to a crossing cultures trip. Credit will be applied at the completion of the course, trip and required written reflection.

Section Name: ITD-1009-5
Departments: Interdisciplinary
Academic Level: Undergraduate
Course Type: Traditional, General Education
Credits: 0 - 1
Books: To Be Determined