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Business CommunicationABT-Applied Business TechABT-3073A study of written and oral communication skills that are essential for communicating successfully in organizations. This course will use simulations, case studies and application assignments to focus on the process of written and oral communication in the business environment.UndergraduateMount Vernon CampusBusiness Department
Business Law IMAN-ManagementMAN-3003An introduction to commercial law based on the U. S. Constitution, common law, and statutory law. Special emphasis is given to legal aspects of common business transactions including contract law, torts, crime and intellectual, real and personal property.UndergraduateMount Vernon CampusBusiness Department
Communication Disorders in Children Hearing MechanismsCSD-Comm Sciences & DisordersCSD-3033Clinical identification, description, and treatment of disorders and delays of speech and language development in children are addressed in this course. Students gain understanding of types of childhood communication disorders; related and causative environment and intrinsic factors; and assessment strategies and processes. Students learn how to apply treatment methods derived from careful identification and description of children's communication differences.UndergraduateMount Vernon DowntownHealth Sciences
Sight Singing/Ear Training IMTH-Music Theory & HistoryMTH-1041A study to develop skills of sight reading melodies, notating music dictation, and listening to music.UndergraduateMount Vernon CampusMusic
Foundations of MathematicsMAT-MathematicsMAT-1083An overview of the foundations of mathematics including logic, sets, and an introduction to proof techniques involving the properties of the natural numbers. Special emphasis is given to the divisibility property of integers, prime numbers, and congruences. Students will also be introduced to mathematical software packages.UndergraduateMount Vernon CampusMath
Principles of Accounting IACC-AccountingACC-2053An introduction to fundamental accounting concepts and procedures including the nature of accounts and techniques of recording, classifying, summarizing and analyzing financial data as it relates to corporations.UndergraduateMount Vernon CampusBusiness Department
History of OhioHIS-HistoryHIS-3123A survey of OHio's history from the pre-Columbian mound builders to the present, with emphasis on geographical, political, social, cultural, and economic aspects of Ohio's development.UndergraduateMount Vernon CampusHistory & Political Science
Crossing Cultures Training & ExperienceITD-Interdisciplinary StudiesITD-1009This course explores basic knowledge and best practices for working among and within other cultural groups through participation in a cross-cultural trip experience. This course is required as a co-requisite with any a qualified Spring Break or summer crossing cultures trip which is sponsored and led by Mount Vernon Nazarene University. It meets the Explorations in Crossing Cultures Option (Avenue 1B) in the University Core when linked to a crossing cultures trip. Credit will be applied at the completion of the course, trip and required written reflection.UndergraduateMount Vernon Campus; Off CampusInterdisciplinary
Precalculus MathematicsMAT-MathematicsMAT-1023A study in pre-calculus concepts of the properties of elementary functions including the polynomial, trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions. Special emphasis is given to analytic geometry of the line and cone.UndergraduateMount Vernon Campus; Online CampusMathematics
Human Behavior & the Social Environment ISWK-Social WorkSWK-3063A study of a basic framework for creating and organizing empirically based theories and knowledge of human behavior and the social environment. Special emphasis is given to the reciprocal relationships between individual behavior and the larger social environment, social work ethics, and the impact of cultural human diversity, discrimination, and oppression on the individual's ability to reach or maintain optimal health and well-being. This course is offered in traditional and non-traditional formats. Prerequisite: Admission to the Social Work Program. Co-requisite for traditional students: SWK3013.UndergraduateMount Vernon CampusSocial Work